[SOLVED]How to do simple cropping

Hello All,

I am indeed an extreme novice at video editing, have only used Windows Movie Maker a limited number of times. However, I am Linux only now.

I am getting on with KDENLIVE reasonablly well and I have figured out a number of things (even with little documentation), but I have not been able to do what should be the simplest of the simple - cropping and removing (deleting) a segment from my clips. For example, I have a 20 minute clip that I want to reduce to about 12 mins. I want to remove unwanted scenes from the clip to do this, and then simply slide the clips together to create the edited clip. I have read all of the guides and I have not found any instructions for this and the crop function from the effects list does nothing (clicking, dragging and dropping, etc.) I could do this easily if I could simply highlight the section I want to delete and right click and select delete, but this is not working since I cannot figure out how to highlight a section and leave the remainder of the clip untouched.

Forgive my elementary question, but until the program becomes more mature and has complete documentation, stuff like this will confuse those of newbies.

Any help is appreciated.


EDIT: Turns out it was simply a different means of getting smaller segments of my clip into the timeline than I was used to. Sorry for posting before doing more complete research as the "in" and "out" functions as a cropper. Just wasn't expecting that.