Some of my videos created using KDENLIVE

This is MALPE beach near by home town. It is located near Udupi, Karntaka State, India

Music: Goaschuld - Smooth drift

This one is Kaup beach which is my home town. It is located near Udupi, Karntaka State, India
Music: Suddenly trees are giving way by Ulrich Schnauss

This one is when we went for a bike ride to nandi hills near Bangalore, India

Music: Floatation by Ulrich Schnauss

I understand that photos have date added on image. I really do not know why I enabled it.

Please share your thoughts on improvements

Nice vid of your area thanks but you all drive on the wrong side of the road LOL...

Your third video made me think a bit.

It would certainly benefit from some stabilization.

I gues you used a speed-up effect (at least I hope you drive a bit more slowly :-)

So I figure, even if one uses stabilization on the input clips (as Kdenlive does), after the speed up effect, the effect of the stabilization will be more or less completely lost.

So, the right way to do it would be to use stabilization AFTER the speedup. I guess the only way to do that would be to render to an intermediate file (low compression) and then import that render into a new project, applying stabilization.

Thanks:-). Yeah it is pretty much common in our place.

Hello Marko,

Thanks for the comments :-). I will follow your suggestion in my subsequent videos.
We drove slowly due to narrow roads, but I added motion effect to accommodate more content :-)