Some ski videos

After using kino for years for editing dv camera footage, I've finally started moving towards HD formats where Kdenlive really is the tool. I was there in 2005 when kino was not very stable under Debian unstable, eh, so I'm not put off by the kdenlive problems (a few crashes, timeline corruptions) I've seen so far. Only things I miss in kdenlive are the levels/white balance effects in kino which are great for making footage look like it came from one camera, and for faking good shooting conditions.

Here my first trial. Base editing of clips and leveling/white balancing done in kino, and final audio sync in kdenlinve:

Here's a second trial, pure kdenlive this time due to 720p video. It really needs some levels/white balancing, doesn't it. And the audio sync was messed on a few occations when the timeline somehow got corrupted; some clips were put off by a 1-5 frames, almost random from what I can tell. But I tried redoing it once, though some parts slipped through I think.

I have never used commercial video editing systems on Mac or MS Windows, so I'm not sure how they'd work out. Or what kino and kdenlive miss. But I'm a rather happy user. Thanks, kdenlive developers!


Here's a fresh kdenlive product:

I hope my bug reporting efforts pay back and kdenlive becomes stable even for the most basic editing stuff. As can be seen, no effects or transitions were used because they result in various crashes, and opening the project takes 30-40 minutes.

So, for small clips kdenlive is ok and effects are nice, but for short films and movies look somewhere else, especially if you have a budget or a deadline. I had neither :)

Here's my latest project with live music track:

I hit quite a few kdenlive and mlt bugs and features during the summer and autumn months while editing this. Most of them got fixed too, so thanks!

Ski short film Prego:

Again, many bugs filed and fixed in mlt and kdenlive during the past few months. Project was edited from an external USB harddisk using proxy clips.

Very well made video, mcfrisk!