Some video effects - don't honour projectratio[FIXED]

I am working on a project using the "PAL 16:9" video format.
When I apply the "freeze" video effect to a clip, that clip appears
in an aspect ration of 4:3, so people look tall and thin.
The "speed" effect also switches to 4:3.
Other effects seem to be OK.

Is this a kdenlive problem or a mlt problem. If the later, should I report it somewhere else?



Update- it isn't just 16:9 projects that are affected.
I added padding to the top and bottom of my clips
to make regular PAL 4:3 clips and the "freeze" effect
still reshapes it. Not quite as badly as before, buy very noticably.


I just fixed it in MLT's svn. Please update and let me know if everything is alright now.


That is a lot better thanks, but not quite perfect.
To demonstrate:

Take a clip and add it to track 0 twice, one following the other immediately.
Set the 'freeze' effect on the second clip and choose the last frame.
The result should be that the last frame on the first copy of the clip should
be followed by an identical frame from the second frozen clip. In fact a whole
series of identical frames. However when I try this (With both wide and normal
PAL clips) the image appears to become a few percent wider. It is nowhere
near as big a jump as before, but it is still very noticeable.


Ok, I finally realized some lines disappeared from my commit, this is why it worked on my system but not for you. This is now fixed, should work fine now.