Somewhat easy way to create credits for your kdenlive movie

OK!!! I have done it on my own after not really finding any documented way to create credits.

Here is what I did.

1. Open Gimp
2. create a big png picture for all the text in your credits
3. add a transparent layer
4. delete the color layer
5. choose your font and add your text credits
6. Save

7. go to kdenlive and open new project
8. add a color clip to your project area
9. add your image to the project area
10. Drag your color clip to video track 1 and make it the length you want
11. Drag your image to track 2 and make it the same length as the color track
12. Add a slide transition between the two tracks
13. Set the start at the bottom button and the stop at the top!!

That's it!! play it and now you have streaming credits!!!

Don't forget to render

Useful to know and thanks, had you considered using or tested the GAP plugin with gimp? Not sure how good the quality is with fonts in gimp compared to say using the blender method instead.

Thanks I have not tried it yet. I will add it.

My next problem seems to be that the image is shrunken to center at a specific size regardless of the image size..... oh well onto the next challenge.

Well I might have figured it out already.

I added pan a zoom effect and moved the key frame to the very beginning and then in the options I selected fit to width.

I am rendering a test now.

OK that did work for the view-able area but it cut off after the screen size.

I see now that the png file is shrunken to fit the video size, so now that makes sense.

Next I will try to break the images into my desired screen sizes and put them side by side and still use the slide effect.

So I have attached a picture of what I ended up with and it came out perfectly.
It did take some trickery, but it came out fine. Woo hoo! 3 days of working on this!! on and off of course.

The title clip in there was not actually needed I was just testing something. one last chance for scrolling text.