Sony DCR-HC40E via firewire capture

but I installatto Kdenlive does not connect via firewire.
I have a Sony DCR-HC40E and S.O. Ubuntu 9.10.

I ran an lsmod | grep 1394 and this is the result:

video1394 18600 0
dv1394 21096 0
raw1394 29096 0
ohci1394 33780 2 video1394,dv1394
ieee1394 100896 4 video1394,dv1394,raw1394,ohci1394

Help ...


You do not have read/write permission to /dev/raw1394. Most distributions do not give the user default permission to that. Linux FireWire was improved so distributions can set that correctly by default, but the work was only completed fairly recently and may take a little while for distributions to support it. Hopefully, all will be by end of 2010.