Sound and video out of sync

I'm using the .5 Ubuntu Gutsy version, and the audio is about two seconds behind the video in every project I make. Even if I just add/export a single clip.

Any idea what might be causing this? BTW I'm using FFMPEG 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu4


same here

it's a pity

looks like a otherwise good program

I'm having sync problems also, using Kdenlive 0.6.0-svn (Using KDE 3.5.7 "release 72.9" openSUSE 10.3) installed from Yast repository.
The video files I use are MPG, 720x576 25fps with mpeg2video & liba52 codec. Audio is at 48000Hz on 6 channels.

Watching a clip in the clip monitor from beginning to end seems to keep everything in sync, when I start watching from a random point in the clip timeline audio gets off-sync. Not by 2 seconds like stephen22 has but still enough to make the video unattractive/unusable.

When the files are loaded the terminal gives me warning about "No accelerated IMDCT transform found" ... I think this might have some relevance but the IMDCT transform explanations on internet are just a little bit too complicated for me to understand :)

OK so when I convert my mpg's to MPEG-PS (Program Stream... It's better than MPEG-TS apparently) with Avidemux they seem to have no sound-sync issues in Kdenlive! Since this is my first real video-editing journey in linux I'm very happy that I finally seem to have a somewhat stable & working Kdenlive / fileformat... I'll post the result in the Kdenlive Theatre someday or come back crying to the Bug forum - like why I have to [ View > Sync Timeline ] everytime after moving multiple clips at once or why Kdenlive isn't able to completely shutdown and keeps giving me the 'ICE default IO error handler doing an exit()' thingy...