Sound during transitions

Dear JB,

I don't know whether this is a bug or not.
During a transition, sound is sometimes added bothways.
This results in choppy sound.

Sound should be fading during a transition.

Kind regards,


Am experiencing the same problem. I wouldn't mind the problem, but it persists even when one of the clips are muted! I'd suggest the easiest way around this for now is to make the 'mute' audio effect work during a transition. I've observed this problem in both 0.5SVN (compiled yesterday) and 0.4.

To reproduce (roughly how I did it anyway):

  1. Add a clip with lots of audio[/*:m]
  2. Add this to the first track[/*:m]
  3. Razor the clip (making sure both bits have plenty of audio to overlap)[/*:m]
  4. Move one half to another track, and make it overlap the other clip[/*:m]
  5. Add a transition between the first and second clips[/*:m]
  6. Add the mute audio effect to the second clip[/*:m]
  7. Listen to the garbled audio![/*:m]

Am not sure what to do in the meantime. As a workaround I'll probably razor the clip, copy to a new project, mute it, render the project as a new file then import that to the first project. Bit too much work for a one second transition! :D

*** EDIT ***

I ended up razoring one second of the second clip (it's a one second transition), added the mute effect to the new clip. Then I right-clicked it, selected 'Save subclip', Kdenlive imported it back into the project for me automatically, this worked. The audio doesn't stutter any more. Thought I'd share this as it's an easier workaround to the one I posted above. :)