Sound only - no video in rendered DVD output on Ubuntu 8.10

I installed 0.7 today from deb intrepid main.

I hope to be able to merge about 70 small video AVI clips (MPEG-4 part2 from a Flip video camera) after editing some of them.

My idea is first to do the edits of about 20 clips outputting each of them back to AVI files and then to merge all avis by adding them to the kdenlive timeline workarea (is this a sensible approach?).

I tried a dummy edit on one avi clip file and selected Render then DVD.

When trying the rendered output on Totem player, Mplayer and VLC there was only sound, no video. Also the generated output was small, ca 1.5MB compared to the input avi file that was 29MB.

I also tried rendering DV PAL and DV PAL 50. There was video output but it came out as a narrow band at the centre of the screen, squashed vertically.

I am a total videoedit newbie experimenting trying to learn kdenlive and need advice.


Hmm... that's a curious one.


The only suggestions I can make are to file a bug report on Mantis ( so that it's more noticable by the devs, and possibly to try running the Builder Wizard (see here ) which is a GUI application that builds you the latest testing version on Kdenlive from SVN. Many, many issues have already been fixed since 0.7 was released, and possibly your issue is one of them.

I have experienced the same problem. I am using kdenlive compiled from source using the builder wizard 12/30/2008.

Basically it works like this.

Place clip "abc" on timeline. Render it works fine.
Cut clip "a" "bc" but leave both parts on timeline. Render it works fine.
Delete clip "a" leaving "bc" Render renders black screen with audio.

This was for DV NTSC AVI and DV PAL AVI

I went to mantis to file a bug report but was unable to login. Do I need to create a separate account for that site?
I posted a similar message under splicing video.
I'm using Kubuntu 8.10 KDE 4.1

My system may have some mistakes in it because knetworkmanager has completely stopped working for me.
I am attaching the output file from kdenlive that is generated when GDB is running I don't know if it is useful or not.


Could you also upload your footage? 10Mb max. And a project file. So we can reproduce the bug if any.

By the way, you are kindly invited to add your camcorder to our database. We need more testing, more information of camcorders and your help is really needed. So please go ahead:

Do other videos play in Totem with sound?

It is possible that the problem is with codecs in Totem and VLC rather than Kdenlive.

See this thread

Updated to kdenlive 0.7.1 today via Synaptic manager and video is now present in .avi, .mpeg2, .mp4 and .vob files.