Sound stops at 3:38 after exporting into .avi or other :(

I created a video with kdenlive and added a song.The video is shorter than the song ,so I added a few pictures at the end(slideshow).
Ok,when I play the whole video in kdenlive,everything is ok,but after exporting it into the AVI format(also from the ".kdenlive" to ".avi"),there's a problem:
When I play the whole video on kaffeine,the song suddenly stops at 3:38.(But the video still goes on)
I exported it a thousand times in different formats.And the sound always stops at this point..... :roll:

Help me,plz!!! I've no idea,what the problem could be :cry:
I also tried .mpeg .vob or .m2t,so .avi can't be the problem.

EDIT:Now I noticed another problem: A part from in the middle of my video is missing! :? Why???It's in the timeline and kdenlive plays the whole thing,but after exporting there is the prob. from above and this part is left out >.

(I'm using Kubuntu Hardy Heron and the kdenlive 0.6.0. version,by the way.And I don't think,that the problem is with kaffeine.It plays the other videos completely with sound.Only this exported one isn't ok.With Avidemux it's the same issue......)


I too am experiencing this problem. I've had to cut my audio file just before this and fade it out in order to have the video be usable at all.

Please help!