Speed effect doens't work

Hi I use KDEnlive under Ubuntu and have a problem with speeding up a clip that I cutted out of a another clip.
When I apply the effect the videosequence shrinks and the still images in the project monitor seem to be fine.
But if I playback the clip or render it, it plays the sequence as normal (and therefore not the whole sequnce but just the beginning).

Can anybody help me please?

Has realy nobody else this problem?

Or else nobody that has this problem has checked out the forum last night or this morning ;)

Could be more specific as to which version of Kdenlive and MLT you have installed ? You simply stated you are using Ubuntu, which doesn't help much.

Have you checked out this page : http://kdenlive.org/user-manual/downloading-and-installing-kdenlive/pre-... in order to get a recent version of Kdenlive ?

Thanks for your advice!

I had ubuntu 9.10 and kdenlive 0.7.5 (ubuntu repository) and now updated to the mentioned repositiy to Kdenlive 0.771 and MLT 0.56.

Now the speed effect works but my rendering crashes with an MP3 error and a hexdump in the rendering window. Any ideas?

I would try to convert the mp3 files (I assume you have some in your project?) into wav and use these instead. WAV usually makes no trouble.

But it might be interesting nevertheless to find out which component is failing on the mp3 file (I cannot help you here though, anyone?).

I will try this option, if anybody can tell me where I will find the logs I can make a bug report

Cause it misses the topic I changed to another thread: http://kdenlive.org/forum/rendering-crashes