When i use speed effect i have other controls in the panel


This is a snapshot

The problem is with MLT 0.7.2 while with 0.7.0 the problem not exist

Hi there,
I am happy I'm not alone. I've filed this as http://kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=2117 and got absolutely no response so I thought it's me as last time the response was immediate and this looked like quite an exposed bug. Are you on x86_64 by chance?

Yes, i try with x86_64 and 32, but the problem is the same

The "Speed" effect was broken by a recent change in MLT, because MLT now automatically registers SOX effects, and there was a sox effect called "speed" which caused troubles with Kdenlive's "speed" effect. This is now solved in latest Kdenlive's svn, although currently, the "SOX" effects are listed but not working.

At least the usual speed effect works again in Kdenlive svn 5603.

I have the same problem under debian testing. Is there a workaround
without compiling kdenlive by myself?

For a workaround, you can remove the sox plugin: sudo rm /usr/lib/mlt/libmltsox.so

I tried that ("mv libmltsox.so libmltsox.so.bak"), but it didn't
change anything. Kdenlive shows the same (wrong) input fields as before,
when I select "Motion/speed".

I've tried to blacklist "sox.speed", but it didn't work either.

Any other ideas ?


I have had the same problem. I am not sure if it was an update or the following command to start Kdenlive, which fixed it.

Try to start Kdenlive with

LC_NUMERIC=C kdenlive