speed effects is not the speed effect

i use version 0.8 on ubuntu 10.11
i would like to use the speed effect, i captured a film with 100fps. when i grap the speed effect the setig tool does`t look like in the tutorials.
there are buttons like size visibileti position with X Y positions and there is a yellow frame in the projectmonitor. but no steings fore the speed.

do you have any ideas?

thanks for your help

Please check our download page for a recommanded PPA to get the latest MLT and Kdenlive versions. The official ubuntu seems to pack Kdenlive 0.8 with MLT 0.7.4 which are not compatible.

problem solved.

i solved the incompatibleaty of the mlt, while i chanched the version as it is described here http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Kdenlive. wich helped to run kdenlive but not to run the effect.

thank you for support