Speed effect...why limited to 300%?

Why is the speed effect limited to 300%? I'd like much more flexibility than that.


I also want to know that! I need to speed up more than that...

There is no reason... I now changed the maximum to 10000% in svn and that change will be included in the next Kdenlive release.


 Is it possible to set the speed to be negative as well? Or is there another way to get clips to run backwards?

I noted when I increased the speed to 200%, one can get undesireable effects when using transitions between two tracks (both 200%).

I have this working somewhat in my working copy of the kdenlive source. It mostly works, but it needs more testing with respect to how it affects filters, transitions, and key frames.


I cannot find the speed effect in the 0.7.3 version ? Is it available in this version ?

right-click on the clip in the timeline.

Ty ...it's hard to be a beginner sometimes !