Splitting apart a video and working on separate sections?

I'm new to kdenlive, and first of all, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for an excellent piece of software.

I'm trying to do the following in kdenlive version, and I haven't been able to figure out how to perform steps 4, 6, and 8 ...

1. [I know how to do this] Add a clip to kdenlive.

2. [I know how to do this] Put it on the timeline.

3. [I know how to do this] Use the Razor tool to split it into pieces.

4. [*** I don't know how to do this ***] Move all but one of the pieces to a temporary area, leaving only one piece on the timeline.

5. [I know how to do this] Apply effects and/or transitions to the piece that is sitting in the timeline.

6. [*** I don't know how to do this ***] Move this one altered piece to a temporary area, and then put one of the other previously saved pieces into the timeline.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until I have modified all the pieces that I want to change. Then, go to step 8 ...

8. [*** I don't know how to do this ***] Put all the saved pieces back into the timeline in the appropriate order.

9. [I think I can figure out how to do this] Join all the pieces together.

10. [I know how to do this] Render the entire altered video.

Thanks in advance for any pointers to documentation or suggestions as to how I can accomplish what I'd like to do.

Having loaded all your clips into the project tree, possible approaches could be to either:

Use the in and out tool in the clip monitor to mark the in and out point for a section of each 'parent' clip that you want 'saved' and once you've set the in and out points, drag the clip from the clip monitor back into the project tree, this will give you a subclip (well an xml file) of just the portion you want saved. You can repeat this with different in and out points through the same clip and drag again, each time a child clip will appear beneath the parent. You can also add a quick text description in the process. having done that for all your clips then drag all your subclips onto the time line to assemble.


If you have lots of small clips then add them all onto Video Track 3 and as you go through each clip deciding whether it's to be saved and using the razor tool, then 'elevate' the razored clip up to Video Track 1, anything your unsure about leave on Video Track 2, so that you are ending up with your best 'saved' clips elevated above all others, then assemble the clips on Video Track 1 and mute the two tracks below.

Only suggestions.

Thank you very much for both of these tips!