Sports Video Analysis

I was hoping to use kdenlive to do some analysis of sports (mainly rugby) matches and based on some other packages I have seen the following is the main feature. I was wondering if some / any of this functionality is there & how difficult it would be to add (been a while since I programmed for a living but have quite a bit of experience)..
Basically what I would like to do while watching a clip is to tag sections of the clip based on play type / player etc and then be able to play all clips with the same tag.
e.g. Every time John is involved in play you would mark the clip beginning & end & tag it with the description JohnH-No15
Having gone through the whole video tagging different types of play / players you would then be able to play all clips tagged JohnH-No15 contiguously (maybe with a 1 sec gap between clips) and render out to a file...

Has anyone any pointers on where to start ?


Well, in Kdenlive we have something called Clip Zones that are parts of a clip. From the clip monitor, you can set a zone (using I and O shortcuts to set in/out points), then add this zone to the project tree using Ctrl+I. You can then give a name to this zone.

A clip can have as many zones as you want.

After that, you can select all the zones you want in the project tree and drag & drop them into timeline, they will be appended contiguously, and you can render.

However, when checking the workflow, I found a bug preventing the drag & drop of multiple zones in timeline, and just fixed it in git, so you will need a very recent Kdenlive to make it work.

You can also select a zone in the clip monitor and insert it directly in timeline using Shift+Ctrl+I shortcut.

Thanks for the tip, I can achieve what I want by creating a track for each player / skill I want to note (plus a scratchpad track) and using I&O to mark a zone I can them use Ctrl-Shift-I to copy the zone to the active track (Scratchpad track) and can drag and drop from there to the appropriate track...