Status bar percent meter?

Thanks for opening this question.

Tool bar just below timeline has a percentage indicator (just left of "normal mode" tool icon) that shows up when kden slows down or locks up. Is there a way to reset other than closing down kden?

Might not have any similarity, but I wondered if there was a "flush cache" like in Adobe After Effects. Occasionally something challenges Keden and system locks. Most often the percent indicator displays when I have issues with audio sync.


Well the progress bar is here to show the progress of an operation. This includes loading a project file or creating the thumbnails. In your case, I think you have the audio thumbnails enabled and Kdenlive is busy creating them that is why you experience a slowdown.

You can disable audio thumbnails if not necessary by clicking on the "Show audio thumbnails" icon in the statusbar (on the right side of the zoom slider).

Thank's for the advice j-b-m,

I've disabled audio thumbnails and will be activating only when needed.


I just re-ran the project I had slowdown issues with. This time audio thumbnails were only made visible for the time necessary to sync a seperate track. I then disabled audio thumbnails while working with effects on the timeline and am happy to report Kden ran just fine.