Stereoscopy ("3D" video) : anyone interested ?


I am an amateur stereo-video enthusiast : i occasianally record stuff for stereoscopic "3D video" viewing on "3D displays".

Stereo-video editing is technically already possible with pretty much any video editing software, including kdenlive but it requires a tremendous amount of manual input which makes it very slow and painful.
Unfortunately I have absolutely no programming skills so I am solely relying on your benevolent help to make kdenlive a better editing platform.
I know stereo-video is not very widespread at the moment so I would understand if you tell me you'd rather work on other more important feature or fix bugs first, but i still come here to ask you if you were interested to work on stereo-video features or at least know more about editing stereoscopic footage.

Stereo-video consists in filming with two cameras separated by a few inches to simulate vision from two eyes. This allow to reproduce a sensation of 3D and makes the viewer feel the depth of a scene and is also often used to make objects fly out of the screen toward the viewer.

Adding proper stereo-video support in kdenlive would require various features like :
-manipulating two complete separate video streams like if they were one for the user (from the project media list to the timeline)
-extracting the two video streams from standard stereo-video formats
-rendering the two video streams into standard stereo-video formats
(standard stereo-video formats include : two separate files, two separate video streams in one video file, two views stacked together in the same frame in some predetermined way)
-adapting the preview window to accomodate various types of 3D displays (from simple red/cyan anglyph to complex 3D displays)

These are the basic requirements, optionnal but highly useful specific tools would include :
-synchronization assistance to resync footage that isn't synchronized properly or which videos drift over time.
-horizontal and vertical parallax tweaking : slide the views to partially correct improperly captured footage.
-color correction : making image brightness, contrast and colors match in the two views.

If you are interested in implementing these features, tell me and I will try to explain as much as I can about the currently used stereo-video formats, 3D screens, etc...