Stop motion features?

My two younger brothers (8 and 10 years of age) have been using the QT based Stopmotion program on Linux for a while now with a webcam. Unfortunately it lacks many features and has bugs. I'm currently trying to find another solution for them and the thought occurred to me that a full video editing application with added stop motion like features might be ideal.

I'm not very familiar with Kdenlive, so some of these features may already be supported.

Feature wish list:
- Preview camera input
- One key press to capture a single still image (space bar for example)
- Ability to do editing on a frame by frame basis
- Quick editing of a frame image in an external program (such as the Gimp) and reloading when it is saved
- Support for slower frame rates
- Advance forward/back 1 frame at a time, with key presses

Does this seem like something that might fit in with the goals of Kdenlive? Or is it more targeted at video captured from cameras?


Haha, I recently posted a request in the main discussion forum for live frame capture via USB PTP from DSLR's, myself and my daughters are currently doing this with a Nikon D80 and a windows laptop because it 'just works' then bringing them into kdenlive across our home network.

A few things i can think of as well as live capture would be import straight into kdenlive from live capture with a frame timing to match a 'stop motion' project fps although I think new stop motion features like Corpse Bride use 24p/25p.

Some sort of filter to smooth lighting iregularities between frames as even with manual controls on the camera and decent lighting unless done in a totally blacked out room, light changes however subtle show in the final renderings as a slight flickr.

Rather than trying to describe the basic requirements. :-)


This is the Stopmotion tool mentioned here:

Not sure I agree it needs to be in kdenlive. Maybe the existing tool just needs someone to resume working on it.