Storyboard OR Timeline modes?

Hi all, a newbie here, first post.

Kdenlive looks pretty good and I'm glad to have heard about it and to have found my way here. I've had a brief look around and watched some tutorials.

It looks like there's only one interface : Timeline mode which reminds me of a multi-track audio app.

However, I'm looking for something like Windows Movie Maker (but better, obviously!) where there's a Storyboard mode. I just need to have a simple line of clips and transition types between them. A cross fade needs to be as simple as drag-n-drop the required fade type onto the transition box...
- is this possible with Kdenlive, and if not, can it be made to be?

If it can be made as simple as WMM for newbies, you'll have a real winner on your hands!


I don't think Kdenlive will ever be storyboard based.

Check this out for how easy it is to create transitions (also include some stuff about titles):



Thanks for replying.
Yes it looks like I could live with that, but a storyboard option would be so much easier :) - and not that much coding to achieve? It's basically just a different view of data that's already there, but providing a simpler GUI. I do understand it's not much fun coding something that you yourself don't need, but it would open up the usability for so many people.
I'm certainly not going to complain about anything that's free... I just thought I'd put the idea forward for consideration.

Kdenlive is a NLE meaning it works with a timeline.
Why not try Kino instead? I think it should work as you want (Never tried Windows Movie Maker though so I don't know exactly how this works.).

Most NLE's can switch between timeline and storyboard. Sometimes storyboard is better, because in some circumstances you can view a longer sequence of your clips without the short duration ones shrinking to an un-identifiable blip on the timeline. I mostly use the timeline, but I don't think that storyboard shuuld just be considered a friendly newb feature.

But for that matter, I think Kdenlive is a really simply and clearly laid out app and could and should aim to be very friendly to newbs.

Thanks for the replies - as I've looked into this further I can now see how the simplistic one-track timeline approach taken by Windows MM lends itself to the storyboard view, whereas kdenlive is a more versatile multi-track approach where such a thing wouldn't really work without dumbing it down and limiting things a lot in an alternative 'Simple Mode' (although there's a lot to be said for that if you really want to please the masses).

On the whole, with the right easy-to-understand documentation and tutorials most people should be able to get the hang of it.