stretching or compressing audio to match video?

I've recorded a friend playing guitar using a digital camera and an mp3 recorder. The audio from the camera is horrible, but the mp3 is great. I used avidemux to cut the video without transcoding and I used audacity to transcode the audio to a flac file and cut it to approximately the same length.

But over 5 minutes, the audio drifts to 7/30 of a second (0.2333 seconds) slower than the video.

Looking at the beginners' tutorials doesn't address this. How can I stretch or compress one or the other?
"It is not possible to resize an audio or video clip past their length - if a clip is 30 seconds in length, then you will not be able to resize the clip so that it finishes playing 35 seconds into the clip!"

Thank you.

1. audacity can stretch your music, as seen in the feature list of audacity:
"Change the pitch without altering the tempo, or vice-versa."

2. If you have multiple clips you can synch video and audio every minute or so by switching to another clip and skip 1-2 frames - as long as the difference between video and audio is small enough 99% of your audience will not recognize it. If you skip one frame every 14,2 seconds it might work, too.

3. You can see if using the speed effect at 98-99% matches the audio.

Cheers, Achim