Stupid question about bluescreen/bluebox

Ok, i've stupid question about bluescreen effect. I have two clips including one with blue background. Clip what I wanted to add instead of bluebox went on track 0. Clip with bluebox went on track 1. To "bluebox clip" ("background clip" will be a clip which eventually go instead of bluescreen) i added Blue Screen video effect. Unfortunately I have still blue background instead of fancy one. I tried even to use composite transition, but it didn't work. How to use it properly?

//EDIT: Additionally I saw that when I set Variable (this track bar with blue screen effect) to 100 percent the bluebox clip completely disapeares. Of course i want only to hide blue parts of clip so I don't know what to do.

Put the clip with the blue background and Blue Screen effect on top. The effect creates an alpha channel that lets stuff below appear it when you add the Composite transition.

Everything fine, but i have strange bars

"Niebieski ekran" means bluescreen in Polish translation. Eventually, when I increases variable trackbar other colors are erased too.

//EDIT: I used Composite transition of course

Colourful desktop... ;)

Did you try increasing the variance slider? Does it look the same when rendered still?


It seems to be important to do first the composite then add the videoFX Bluescreen on
the Video that is on Top with Bluescreenmate content.

It did not worked for me the other way round.

Just in Case someone is wondering like me...

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the information)

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