Hi all!

First, sorry fpo my english. and
I have a lot of movies (avi) on my computer and I would like to konw how I add subtitles in everyone and then save in .avi.


Do you have the subtitles (.srt) or do you write it self?
.srt is a simple way, and there exist some tools to do it. Most players show the subtitles while showing the movie without re-encoding.
I think, Kdenlive is not the best tool for it, because it's a Movie-Editor, not a subtitle-tool. :o)

There are currently two entries in Kdenlive Mantis for proper subtitling features.

With one person even going so far to come up with mock ups.

Can we get some more support on these entries so that this feature appears in a version of Kdenlive sooner rather than later. Manually creating, and positioning titles for an entire video creates a lot of extra work.