Hi kdenlive family.

I hope I am posting my question in the right category...
Well, I would like to ask how I can add subtitles to my kdenlive project.

Thank you for any help...


Well, I have the same question. I'm new with this too...

Anyway, I'm diving a little bit in the software, and I find that with "Add Title Clip", in the "Project" menu we can include text. I gonna keep trying, when I have more results, I'll tell you.


Kdenlive is not really set up to do subtitles. Yes you can use the titles feature. Especially take a look at template titles which might be useful for this task.

However this will give you "hard" or "burnt in" subtitles and you would need to render a different file for each languate, I would suggest you think about using "soft" subtitles. ie you use a tool to create a .srt file that you use along with your media player to deliver subtitles. I believe youtube reads .srt file formats too.

There are open source subtitle editors - eg

Hi Javingka and ttguy!

Thank you for the replies.

In my first day here, I remember I've watched a german video about blind soccer player, with english subtitles. So, I thought he had done it using kdenlive. But now I start to understand that making a video and insert the subtitles are two different things...

I will look for the open source subtitle editors ;)


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Hello again, Javingka!

Maybe this link can be helpful: