sunab launchpad 404["fixed"]


i wanted to install kdenlive from sunab's launchpad, but i get 404 error message in my terminal. So are there still kdenlive packages in sunab's launchpad, or should i go via ubuntu 11.10 official repository (in official repository there is kdenlive 4 build 1) ? If so, then where do i get MLT (because in ubuntu repository there is no such) ?

Sunab's repository is still the recommended way to install on Ubuntu. Can you tell us exactly what is the source URL that you are using?

Sunabs PPA works fine here.

There is no Oneric repository. Everyone got the dist-update.

I haven't pushed Oneiric (11.10) builds in my stable ppa beacause Ubuntu official repositories already provide kdenlive 0.8, the latest stable release at this moment.

If you want to test the future release of kdenlive see my other ppa called kdenlive-svn, builds for Oneiric exists there.

@bmw I meant svn builds of kdenlive rather than stable for 11.10, stable 0.8 is in Ubuntu's 11.10 repositories as sunab says.

The problem with the official ubuntu repositories is that the sdl module doesn't load, so kdenlive doesn't work...
Are the svn versions stable enough for production work? I know, that's a dumb question, but my point is: I can't use the version that's on the official repository, and the svn versions might not be stable enougn, so in my view there is still the need for oneiric packages on sunabs repository

new packages for kdenlive 0.8.2 built for Ubuntu Oneiric.