Support for JVC Everio Digital video clips

A lot of people have digital cameras like the Everio series by JVC (japan victory company).
Those kind of digital cameras shoot very nice clips with a 'quite standard' Mpeg2 video part and a 'not so open' ac3 sterer audio channel.

MOD files are MPEG files renamed and sorted in a strange matter, with some weird alfanumeric code (seems an exadecimal coding, so clip1909 is followed by clip 1910 and clip191A and so on).....

It would be nice if the open source community could offer a NLE software that could import those kind of software directly. 'til now, Everio uses have to rename files with external tools and sort them by date.

PS: JVC is offering some crappy commercial software with the cameras. Software I lanced 1 or 2 times and neve worked on :) ....... maybe JVC would be interested in spreading KDNenlive all over the world :-)

I have one of these HDD cameras. For loading I have no problem. But export is terrible becouse of top half frame first (DV pal from tape cameras have bottom half frame first)...

(If the adding the clip crash your kdenlive then you need better mlt than 0.2.3)

How do I go about getting .MOD files to show up in the clips menu? I have a Panasonic video camera that creates these .MOD files. Avidemux has no problems with them but I can't get kdenlive to even show them in the clips menu....