Support for more than 2 audio channels i.e. 5.1?

Kdenlive seems to have at least some support for more than two audio channels (i.e. surround 5.1), as it creates an audio thumbnail showing 6 channels for such material.
When rendering however, audio is downmixed to stereo.

Does anyone know if adding such support is planned or even on the way?

It's not such a big deal as it is easy to create surround sound in Audacity (also a great Linux tool) and mux it into the video rendered by kdenlive using ffmpeg - but I really like the usability of kdenlive so it would be very nice to be able to do everything there.

Forgot to mention - if there is some interest then I'd try and create a tutorial on how to create surround sound with kdenlive, audacity and ffmpeg/avconv.