support for smart export without reencoding?


I have a 2 hour MPEG2 video. I'd like to cut 8 frames from the beginning and 4 frames from the end, and keep everything else. Is it possible to do this with kdenlive without reencoding (and recompressing) the 2 hour MPEG2 video stream?



I think no.

But you can use avidemux for this.

This feature is called non-destructive rendering and it presently not supported by MLT, could be one day if someone helps and joins programming.

has the non destructive rendering status changed ?

i'm looking for a smart editor for MPEG2 (like tmpgenc editor on windows) and possibly for H264 too, although it seems it simply doesn't exist for h264 yet, on any platform..

hi eldon,

This feature is not implemented yet. And it will be quite difficult for the h264 part. Before ffmpeg and mlt have to fully support h264 decoding options and accurate seeking in the transport stream containers (many variants) used by camcorders.