svn recent version now only support qt 4.6?

tried to compile recent svn 4470.but failed.
setGraphicsEffect member is only for qt 4.6.
my qt version is 4.5.1.
svn recent version kdenlive now only support qt 4.6?

[ 51%] Building CXX object src/cmake_bindir/CMakeFiles/kdenlive.dir/complexparameter.o
[ 51%] Building CXX object src/cmake_bindir/CMakeFiles/kdenlive.dir/titlewidget.o
/media/sdc1/kdenlive/src/titlewidget.cpp: In member function ‘void TitleWidget::slotAddEffect(int)’:
/media/sdc1/kdenlive/src/titlewidget.cpp:2118: error: ‘class QGraphicsItem’ has no member named ‘setGraphicsEffect’
/media/sdc1/kdenlive/src/titlewidget.cpp: At global scope:
/media/sdc1/kdenlive/src/titlewidget.cpp:2164: warning: unused parameter ‘ix’
make[2]: *** [src/cmake_bindir/CMakeFiles/kdenlive.dir/titlewidget.o] 오류 1
make[1]: *** [src/cmake_bindir/CMakeFiles/kdenlive.dir/all] 오류 2
make: *** [all] error 2

Should be fixed now (svn rev. 4471).