svn version on feisty


you can install a svn version with the depot of trevino ... (search trevino feisty on google)
He build a recent svn version of KDEnlive and mlt, so i think we have the last added effect coded on mlt.

Thank you again Mr trevino ...



I have installed Kdenlive from Trevino repositories on my Kubuntu Feisty but when I'm launching the software I have a message saying "I can't start MLT, please select the installation path" (actually message in French : "Impossible de lancer MLT, veuillez indiquer le chemin d'installation".

I have checked and MLT is installed according to Adept Manager. When I have a look to "installed files" I have in usr/bin : albino, humperdick, inigo, miracle then I have some stuff installed in /usr/lib, /usr/share/doc, usr/share/mlt/modules, usr/share/mlt/profiles.

I have missed something ?
What path should I indiquate to Kdenlive ?


This issue should be fixed now in svn. You need to give the prefix for your mlt install, in your case, should be /usr


sorry for my delay in answering but I was on holiday (obviously not everyone was...congratulation for releasing version 0.5 !)

I just mentioned /usr in the dialog box and it works fine now.