Synching video tracks

For ease of use, I record audio on a video camera, while getting a better screen capture using a different system.

On the other video editing systems I use, I simply make the top track transparent so it becomes easy to see the action on both and sync it up; automatically getting the audio in sync with the capture footage.

After doing some searching, I can't find out how to do this in Kdenlive.

Can someone advise me of the best way to do this in kdenlive please?

Many thanks,


I'll write more later but try right click on video track and choose separate audio (or similar can't recall) then RIGHT click again and choose "ungroup" so you have free floating audio clip .. I'll look for your response for further discussion this is just to get you stated in the right direction.

If you want to make a video track transparent apply a composite transition to the upper track and change transparency. Then you should be able to sync the two clips.