synchronize 2 videos ?


I am trying kdenlive to make something from 2 videos. I mean : 2 video cameras recorded the same event from 2 different points.
I know it would be easiyer if I had 1 clip from each cam... But I have 10 clips from cam1 and 20 clips from cam2.

The main issue is to synchronize clips from cam1 with clips from cam2. I was wondering : is there a kdenlive feature to help me in this ?
I know dv videos have a timestamp in each frame, thus once I have synchronised 2 clips, the others could be synchronised automatically ?
And by the way where can I see this timestamp in kdenlive ?




No, currently dv timestamp is not read by the MLT framework on which Kdenlive relies. That might be added in the future as several other people already requested the feature.