Text clip properties

I would like to add a text clip with centered text. I am aware that there are buttons to horizontally and vertically center the textbox on the screen but I was unable to find a way to actually format the text centered inside the textbox. I am using kdenlive 0.7.3 on kubuntu 9.04. Any help is very welcome.

Aligning text inside a text box is currently not supported. I am starting to implement it now...


Hello, thanks a lot! Another thing I have noticed is that the clips do not seem to "snap" as they used to (in kdenlive 0.6)? If I correctly remember the "old" kdenlive had a feature where clips in different tracks could be aligned easily or for example transitions could be easily arranged by this "magnetic snap". They do at the end of the respective clips but I wonder whether it would be possible to have a tool to configure such snap areas, for example every second or so. Sorry if that is confusing or misleading or maybe I just have not found this feature yet. Regards, Matthias

Timeline > Guides > Add Guide
right-click in the timeline header area and choose Add Guide.