Text effects

Hi folks,

I am wondering how to create such nice text effects (e.g. flipping letters for titles etc) like in the beginning
of this video:


Can somebody recommend me a tool to achieve this?

Best reagrds + thanks,


I guess blender would do the trick, but that's not an easy task.

I love KDENlive, but OpenShot has a way with titles - it has all kinds of templates for animated titles, and it uses Blender to render them. The output you can then put into your KDENlive timeline. [Apologies for the heresy of naming another video editor here ... ;-) ]

Maybe you can make 2 layer of title
and position one above and one below
the first title (up) you don't apply effects
the second title(down)you need apply effects for example
blur or glow, or blur and glow together maybe making one interesting effect.
In the second title you can apply other effects you want

Maybe the first title need to be with different color in relative the second title
more light or more dark I don't know, you can see getting like this!!!

good luck
I have helped

Thank you all, folks.

I was not aware of OpenShot so I will try it - but only for titles ;-) And yes: I am still impressed of kdenlive!



Hi all,

What Dering ask is possible in kdenlive.
In my opinion create the titles as a single project and save it and use it as a clip in the main project.

I attach the project file.


sunab - you got the point!

Again - I am impressed how easy it is with kdenlive ("easy" mean that you have to click a lot
in case the title is a bit longer then the word "Free" ;-))

But thank you sunab for pointing this out!