Text effects in KDENLIVE

Can we have text effects in KDENLIVE?

For ex:

When a title clip is composited on top of video, the transition of text is instantaneous. Can we make it smooth by adding any wipe file? I tried changing wipe file of composite transition but it did not work. May be it is intended for different purpose.

Hope I am clear.

Thanks in advance,


Well actually you need to add an effect on the title. You can slide it along to chose the duration.

As eal says, you can lengthen or shorten the title clip by dragging the end of the clip.

Wipes and usually used as a fancy way of changing from one clip to another.

If by the word "Smooth" you mean fading in and out, you need to use a composite transition with it's keyframe capability. There are quite a lot of videos on youtube showing this sort of thing which might help more than trying to explain here.

If you still have a problem, someone will try and help.

Thanks everyone for helping. I will try that!