Text overlay / subtitle support / Kdenlive 0.6svn

Dear JB,

I looked at the export dialog in Kdenlive 0.6 and noticed a text overlay feature.
Thanks for addind text overlay support in Kdenlive.

By text overlay, do you mean subtitle support?
Can you give us (shortly) more information how to display and use subtitles in Kdenlive.

Kind regards,

No, the Text overlay feature of the export dialog is not designed for subtitles. I added it because I needed to export some editing with the timecode printed on the image. It works in the same way as the "Display timecode" of Kdenlive's monitors, but is slightly more configurable. You can put some text in the lineedit, for example:

Day 1 #timecode“

Will print "Day 1" and then the timecode on your exported video. If your videos have metadata, you can also display it . For example to display the video titles:


I will anyways do some more work on this feature to make it easier to use and add some explanation text.