"Three Months in China" - my new documentary - All with Kdenlive

- You can Google translate the subtitles in your preferred language pressing the subtitle icon → "Translate subtitles (New)" and choosing your language.
- The original is in Italian.
- You can choose to watch it in 720p and even in 1080p. I worked a lot to get a good quality in full HD.
- Video and all songs released under CC.
- Enjoy!


You can download 480p, 720p and 1080p version (H264 encoded) here, also via torrent (but here no subtitles).
Just right click here and choose "Save link as...":

Tre mesi in Cina - 1080p: http://archive.org/download/TreMesiInCina/Tre_mesi_in_Cina_1080p.mp4

Tre mesi in Cina - 720p: http://archive.org/download/TreMesiInCina/Tre_mesi_in_Cina_720p.mp4

Tre mesi in Cina - 480p: http://archive.org/download/TreMesiInCina/Tre_mesi_in_Cina_480p.mp4

Tre mesi in Cina - torrent: https://archive.org/download/TreMesiInCina/TreMesiInCina_archive.torrent

Very nice, 很好, long edition, and full of details! Open street map inclued very usefull!

A little bit long, i stoped before the end, but it's a remarquable job!

Well, actually that is not a video, it's a whole real professional documentary, intended to be cast in documentary festivals and so on, so the length is exactly what festivals need :-)
Also: it's made on three months of shooting, in Hong Kong, GuangDong, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Manchuria, form more than 600 hours... 1h and 20" is really the minimum possible :-)

I'm proud to announce that "Three months in China" will be officially cast in some cineforums and festivals in Italy, so "Kdenlive" writing will be read in theatres ^_^