Timeline is screwed!

I first posted this under bug-report, but as I saw some of you guys asking for help in here I thought I'd give it a shot.

For some reason, the timeline started acting funny. Last thing I did I think was cutting a clip in two.

First I noticed that the "scroll mover" was going from the left to right, so I couldn't move it to scroll to the right in the timeline.
Next thing is that I cant move the marker in the timeline either, but I can click on and select clips (that is the ones I can see as I only see part of the whole film).

I did what one guy suggested here on the forum and opened my blah.kdenlive file with a text editor, saw that I had an entry with the "inf" in it. Changed that to a numeric value and then loaded the file into kdenlive. It worked! Well, somewhat..

Now the timeline is showing the wrong info and some stuff is really screwed. So I loaded up an old backup of this file, and that too is screwed.

Please help, what am I to do? :(