Timeline time broken in 0.8.2

I just installed 0.8.2 from source (MLT from source too) on Fedora 15 and there seems to be a pretty serious bug.

The timeline cursor and tick-marks don't correspond, being 5 frames per second out (so for every second, the timetime gets 5 more frames behind the tick marks).

Screengrab here: http://www.gothicawakening.com/graphics/kdenlive-time-tick-bug.png

You can see that the cursor is clearly somewhere between the 1s and 2s mark, but the counter (top right of picture, the one in the project monitor) is showing 2 seconds exactly.

Is anyone else seeing this problem (in which case it would be a bug and I'll add it to Mantis), or is it only happening on my install?

Update: Reproducable, added to Mantis: http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=2385

Sorry, could a mod move this to the bug report forum. Thanks.

Also seen here on Kubuntu 11.10.

You will need to file a bug with the bug tracking system. But that's easy, just try it! Please note, that you need to create your account again for the bug tracking system as it is separate from the forum system.

Same here, latest version of KDEnlive, Mint 64bit

No problem here, with sunabs svn PPA on Ubuntu 11.10, not that it helps at all.

so can we have some confirmation from the dev team?

Yes, I can confirm the problem. An issue was opened in the bugtracker by the author of this thread:


I have a fix ready for it, will be available very soon, I will keep you informed.

Please, don't make that 'very soon' as the waiting time for 0.8.2 ...