tips on how to install kdenlive in mac osX 10.8.1 with out macports


this is the link ( for the dmg file for mac os x 10.8 and higher with all the dependencies for it to work you just need xquartz 2.7.3 installed in your system

you can get xquartz from hear :
installing for xquartz
1. download XQuartz-2.7.3.dmg from above link if you have not installed before
2. open XQuartz-2.7.3.dmg
3. open XQuartz-2.7.3.pkg
4. follow on screen instructions and enter user password when requested.
5. thats it

procedure for installing kdenlive with out the need for macports

1. download kdenlive from : (just use normal to download website is in french)
2. open downloaded file kdenlive_0.9.2.dmg
3. open kdenlive-0.9.2.mpkg from kdenlive-0.9.2.dmg
4. follow the on-screen instructions and enter the password when requested
5. that is it you have installed the kdenlive with all its dependences

to start just type open -a kdenlive in your terminal


navigate to /Applications/MacPorts/KDE4 and open

your good to go

1. i have created dmg file by using macports since i did all the dirty work for you there is no need for you to compile every thing from starch
2. it only works in mac mountain lion having xquartz 2.7.3 installed
3. i have tested it in mac os x 10.8
4. in 10.6.8 it says 10.8 required so you can only install it on mountain lion
5. if you have any problem ask for it and help will be on the way.

Hello Hariram.m,
I try to install, your dmg pack, but I have a message kdenlive_0.9.2dmg not reconize,
I am under Montain Lion 10.8.2
can you help me please
regards Etienne

hi etienne
it should be kdenlive_0.9.2.dmg not kdenlive_0.9.2dmg
if this is the problem
then re name the file as kdenlive_0.9.2.dmg it should work
if this did not work
then follow the bellow steps

1. right click the kdenlive_0.9.2.dmg
2. open kdenlive_0.9.2.dmg using the unarchiver
3. double click the kdenlive-0.9.2.mpkg
you should be good to go

ask me if this two methods do not work

i regret for delayed reply

hello hariram.m
Thank, i will try later

After hours of trying to get kdenlive working, first with macports and then with your package, I'm giving up. Do you have an uninstaller for the package?

Hello Hariram,

thank you for the detailed description of installation, but unfortunately I do not get it started.

I have
- Mac Os 10.8.2
- installed xquartz 2.7.3
- installed kdenlive, downloaded from your linked website

When I try to start I get an error message: "drkonqi was finished unexpected" (Report screenshot can be sent)

Any idea, why it does not working?
Thank you for any tips in advance

(new learning Mac user)

Just in case you haven't made headway with this, nor given up.

I had the very same reaction, running a very similar machine and setup. Try running the post-install commands from here: That worked for me.

Good luck.

I'm surprised that the installation of Kdenlive on OS X is a problem for some users. I use the well known Macports repository for installations of any kind of Linux/Unix software and most of the time this works without any problems. The installation of Kdenlive is relative simple because the only command you have to install this package is "sudo port install kdenlive". After that, all dependencies are calculated automatically (a whole plethora of Linux binaries will installed). That installation will take a few hours, because not only Kdenlive will be compiled. But after that, it works "out of the box".

Maybe if someone has a problem with the Macports installation of Kdenlive I can assist.

I'm having trouble with this too. The build of the macport seemed to work ok, and I followed the post-install instructions about dbus etc.

When I try to start kdenlive via 'open -a' or the finder, it seems to start and then just exit without displaying any gui. Same for kcmshell4.

kdebugdialog does start from the finder, so I ticked kdenlive and tried again via the finder. Same behaviour as before. Any guidance on how to debug this further would be welcome.

salient details:
os/x 10.8.4 intel 64bit
% sudo port list installed|grep kden
kdenlive @0.9.6 multimedia/kdenlive

% ps ax|grep dbus
15650 ?? S 0:00.01 /opt/local/bin/dbus-daemon --nofork --session
61676 ?? Ss 0:00.00 /opt/local/bin/dbus-daemon --system --nofork
62138 s005 R+ 0:00.00 grep dbus

% ps ax|grep kde
61715 ?? Ss 0:00.03 /Applications/MacPorts/KDE4/ -psn_0_8001441 --nofork
61720 ?? S 0:00.07 /opt/local/lib/kde4/libexec/klauncher --fd=8
61628 s001 S+ 0:00.18 vi /Users/xipmix/
62143 s005 R+ 0:00.00 grep kde