title clip out of frame text not shown

I using title clip with a composite transition that scrolls the text up past the screen.
The text in the title clip that is out of frame in the clip properties do not show at all
during the scroll.

kdenlive svn

edit: I'm beginning to think this is not a bug, but feature limitation. Am I right?


Yes, if you create a title clip with text out of screen, then using a composite transition on it will never show the text.

To achieve a scrolling title effect you have 2 options:

1 - Create your title clip with text centered on the screen, then add a composite transition that makes the clip start out of screen and then moves it to the center of the screen

2 - Use the title clip's buid in animation feature (Animation tab) and move the start and end rectangles as shown in picture below. (This "start" and "end" rect are not very intuitive but after some tests you should get it).