Title clip sucks xD

I mean

when i was using kino i think i ddn't get limit on title size clip

instead here on kdenlive i am limited by the resolution so i ca't create a title clip longer than project's resolution.

that is bad because i have to create often very long title clip.. so i have to create 3 title clips ...

well i could use krita or gimp but ... kino had a nice very nice title features

Hmm, not sure to understand. What should happen if you create a title longer than a video frame? Do you mean you want the title to scroll?

Yes, he wants a resultant image larger than frame size. The compositor can scroll it. This is essentially what happens under the covers in Kino.

Ok, this feature is now implemented in svn. Here is how it works:

In the title clip widget, you now have a new "crop image" checkbox. If you select it, it will like before crop the image so that it always has the size of a video frame.

If you do not check the "crop" box, the image will have the size of a video frame, or be larger if your title objects go outside of it.

Then, when you add your title to the timeline, it will by default be squeezed to fit the size of a video frame. To have it full size, add a composite transition, and in the transition menu, select:
Resize->Original size. Than, your image will display in full size and you can scroll it as wanted.

Hope it answers your needs.

just tested
it seems well made