Title Questions (Copy Clips, Animation etc.)

hi, i'm new to this forum, hope, it's the right sub-board!

i try to make a kind of presentation (as an element of a whole video), where an image and a text slides in, then disappears and the next one enters.

halfway i managed to do it, but there remain some questions:
1. is it possible, to copy a title clip and edit the copy (to make sure keeping it all uniformly)
2. i didn't find an option to manipulate the speed of the animation
3. is there a way, to let the pic+text fly in, stay for a moment and fly out? (by now i can make it flying in, staying there and then switch to the next clip - not really elegantly)

hope, this was comprehensible, i'm no native speaker^^°

re 1.) neat! there's only *one* topic for the point "title" in the kde/kdenlive wiki and it's exactly, what i was looking for: http://userbase.kde.org/Kdenlive/Manual/Titles