Title Widget remake. Post your ideas.

There are thoughts about re-writing the titler. Here I'd like to sum up the ideas and ask you for adding new ones, if available.

So far (credits go mainly to Dan):

  1. More scalable window (too big for smaller screens atm)
  2. Overlay on clip monitor
  3. Custom background for transparent clips (atm only white/grey rectangles, making it impossible to read white text on transparent background). In combination with previous point? Possibility to have any clip or the project in the background, with a time scrollbar?)
  4. Tab sheet containing rect/text/… tools and other widgets
  5. Titler variant with shapes/eye-dropper/wand for filter masks and alpha channel manipulation
  6. Better speed when editing
  7. Undo manager
  8. Support for editing/moving/… multiple objects at the same time

In the code:

  1. Minimize use of blockSignals(true) and other signal messes
  2. Document side-effects of methods, if there are any


I'd wonder if it will be possible to add:

1. Animation for text and effects, within the titler or from an external application (mainly for use in lower thirds). the start/end we have today is very limited.
2. Better way for creating rolling ending credits (more intuitive, deferent font, size, etc). Maybe using a wizard with external credit list text file.

Thank you,

I'd like to be able to write paragraphs with adjustable line spacing, indents, and justification.


Perhaps rolling credits is currently the biggest lack in titler functionality, I think.
One thing needed for good rolling credits is a good tab functionality that supports left and right tabs, for being able to center role/person names to the center of the screen easily.

Some nifty preset animations. I know that's a tall order but man that'd be awesome.