Titler Clip Editor future. SVG? Integration with Karbon?

After I found that Kdenlive/MLT features reasonable support for SVG, I was even partly successful with SVG filters, this opens a great possibilities!
Any plans how to integrate Kdenlive with Karbon (KDE SVG editor)? Kdenlive could provide a KPart to show movie frame as background (ie compositor window), provide slider for seeking, prepare Karbon project with right size (ration) etc. Then would be Kdenlive Titler kind of obsolete and Kdenlive could concentrate on it can do best - and that is not a vector editor.

The fresh Karbon 2.1 release should supports filters and hopefully other . Allegedly via Flake library (KOffice library).

Integration with Inkscape would be nice too, it is more matured editor, but Gtk/Gnome, so integration would be more challenging. I am talking about proper integration, not just launching the application like in OpenShot.

And if animations/javascipt/DOM manipulation is supported, at least on MTL level, it opens even greater opportunities, like animated templates, text sliders, text marquees, Star Wars style titles!