I cannot give enough praise and thanks to all the people who have developed Kdenlive....you are the best!!!....I have been a captive of Sony Vegas for years, with all the bugs and problems, I have struggled through myriads of issues with no resolution many times, I never thought anyone could compete with Sony, but Kdenlive does, it is a great program, now to the other side...since I do a tv show (in san francisco) I need to cg the persons name and title ... you know just like on the other channels...but the title editor is lacking (so far as I have been able to use it)...is anyone here able to add some input?...seems crazy to use this great program for all my work, and have to import titling from sony vegas or ????....I want to leave windows behind me forever as far as video editing...so any help is appreciated .....Zatoichi

The kdenlive titler is not very advanced but should be enough for inserting names and things like that...

Which Kdenlive / MLT version? Also, you need to make sure that MLT was compiled with the kdenlivetitle module, you can check that in "Settings > Run Config Wizard", on the second page, you should see the "title module" as in my screenshot.

I'm mostly satisfied with the Kdenlive titler. I have work arounds for most shortcomings. The top 2 items on my titler wish list are:

1. Adjustable line spacing; seems the whole thing has to be re-written for that to happen and that won't occur any time soon. I just use separate lines of text as a work around.

2. An easier way (less steps involved) to create template titles.

Mageia 2011