Tittle clip and durantion, It can't increase duration up 10 min and transitions up 6:40 min


I'm discover Kdenlive and I'm trying to know it. It's fantastic!

But today I have found a problem. When I put a tittle clip I only can increase its duration until 10 minutes! but --think-- that i remember that I increase too more :S:S

With the transition I have a similar problem.

I have a concept problem?

PS: I'm from Spain... sorry for my "language".


all clips need to have a maximum duration in Kdenlive. It was - in an arbitrary way - decided that the limit for color, image and title clips would be of 10 minutes. If you want more, you can put another copy of the clip beside. I think that is reasonable for most usual cases.

The problem with transitions limited to 6min40 was just fixed in svn, will be in the 0.7.4 release.


What??? limited to 10 minutes? o_O This is very USELESS if you edit a long video!!

Try to --copy-- 10 times until 100 minutes or more...

But i think that this is a bug... can anyone prove this? please?

PS: bravo for the bug transition (but we are in the same way if we need to copy transition along the video)

I can see people wanting to composite a logo (watermark) the duration of their video.

"I can see people wanting to composite a logo (watermark) the duration of their video."

Is an example. I think that is a BUG because the last version of kdenlive -the transition- can has more duration (various hours I think) ...but the clip video doesn't

How can I discuss this if this is a bug? and, then, report it.


This issue is now fixed in svn: title, color and image clips have no more duration limit.