Tool to repair echo or reverb in a video.


sorry for my english!
Anybody knows how to repair, improve, the sound of a video saved into a room where are people talking and there is sound with echo and reverb?

Thanks a lot!
I love kdenlive!

Removing room echo is a very (VERY!!) complex problem. Next to impossible.
It is a "deconvolution" problem, and for that you need to know the impulse response of the room. But that changes as the source and microphone move. Even when other objects (people...) move.
Maybe if you have a single dominant echo, but even then...

There is no such tool in Kdenlive, and probably won't be anytime soon.

I'm not even sure if anything similar exist anywhere?

You'll simply need to take more care with audio recording, like separate microphones, directional mics etc. Independent sound recorders like the Zoom H2 can be a great tool for this.


i'll go on looking for, or, next time, audio recording with more care.


As others pointed out, removing echo is extremely difficult. OTOH, if you have a situation where you were recording a main subject and the AGC in the camera has amplified the background noise at times when the subject is not speaking, but the background noise is at least 15 or 20 dB down from the subject, you may be able to reduce it further by applying some expansion in an audio editor. Again, this won't remove echo, and it won't work well if the camera's AGC was too aggressive, but it might be worth a try.