Tracks and Transparency

I started playing with kdenlive v6.4 last night on Ubuntu 8.10 (32-bit). It works REALLY well!
At first, it crashed a lot and could not save projects and re-open them. Once I changed the project default to "DV PAL" it became much more stable and saved projects became usable. 
There were a couple of things, though, that had me scratching my head.
1. Title clips. For over an hour I played with them trying to get them to display. I had transparency enabled. I did not realise they needed to be on Track 0 and the base clip on Track 1. Once I swapped the clips around, the titles appeared. It would be helpful to have note or something on the mostly blank dialog recommending they be 'above' the target clip.
2. How does transparency work? I had 5 tracks, with the upper 4 set to transparent, but could not see the 5th (in my mind opaque 'base') track through the transparencies. It looks like transparency only applies to the next layer/track - not all lower layers/tracks.
3. To fade sound in/out, I am cutting 3-4 seconds before the start or end, adding a volume effect and dragging one end down (as required). Is this the best / only way? 
I've been doing simple ediing for years......and I'm really happy that kdenlive will now require me to learn what 'key frames" are.....and I'll happily use them.
I've also used Kino and and I now REALLY happy there are at least two usable video editing packages on Linux.
Any chance of KDEnlive capturing webcam input? My LogiTech E 3500 webcam works on Linx and it would be nice to quickly capture video into kdenlive via the webcam.
Awesome anyway......Loving it.


Hey LinuxLuver,

I'd check out version 0.7(1) by following the instructions at . It fixes many bugs found in version 0.6 and has webcam capture already.

The method at that link also lets you run the wizard (with a gui) anytime to update to the latest code on the svn, so if you report a bug on the bug tracker (http://kdenlive.oreg/mantis) and it's fixed today, you can actually get those improvements straight away, without waiting 6 months or so for updated packages (0.6 is over a year old).

Please upgrade to Kdenlive 0.7.
Kdenlive 0.6 is deprecated.