I think this is made with after effects.
Is it possible to make this transition with kdenlive.

No it is not. That is not a transition. It is a 3D rendering effect.

"Transitions govern how Kdenlive cuts from one clip to the next. You can add many different transition effects using Kdenlive's transitions. "

But what you have in this example is one clip. Not a cut from one clip to another.

As the link suggests this was created with Blender. Great tool, but quite steep learning curve I would say. OpenShot can create some 3D animated titles using Blender in the background.

I thought maybe its a transition from wireframe to textured.
But it could solve within blender :
Render a wireframe animation and a final animation then in the blender video editor you can use a Wipe effect strip to fade between them. In the effect strip properties you can set the blur value and angle of the wipe


A wipe effect exists also in kdenlive and I guess it can do the same as in the blender video editor?